Mar 27, 2009

Prime Real Estate


-- Day 78

Mar 23, 2009

Amazing Hues


This was what greeted me at dusk from the back of the house.

-- Day 77

HDR #4

-- Day 76

Cats Again!

-- Day 75

Cast Your Cares Away

I found this guy walking in the park making these flinging gestures like he was casting all his cares to the wind.

-- Day 74



-- Day 73

Strike a Pose


-- Day 72

Herbs and Spices


-- Day 71

Washed Up

-- Day 70
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HDR #3

-- Day 69
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Mar 15, 2009


If you know Singapore, you would realise that a few of the pictures featured here are taken from the same place. Why am I always here? Waiting for the wife.

-- Day 68

Menu Take #2

One of the many pics I took for Yellow Light's new menu. Looks good ya. Head there to see it and taste it!

-- Day 67

Feature Wall

We have always wanted to have a wall like this at home.

-- Day 66

Fall Colors

-- Day 65

Mar 10, 2009


--Day 64

Mar 5, 2009

Side Mirror Dusk

-- Day 63
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Random Image

-- Day 62
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Eggs Ben

My favourite breakfast done not so well by Coffee Bean
-- Day 61
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-- Day 60
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Mar 1, 2009

God Bless Singapore!

Rounding off Feb with a special one. I chased this rainbow for a few hours and found this capture pretty special!

-- Day 59
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Red Window

-- Day 58
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Morning Excercise

-- Day 57
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